#90: I Don’t Know Anymore

The two latest in-game updates, Flashpoint Season 1, EPL Season 11, the new Road to Rio major qualification, a tonne of other headlines and then some talk about tribalism. Aristotle has the last word. @thetruthcsgo.com

#89: What To Do About MIBR

Astralis sign a sixth player, Rio Major moves to November, Zews leaves MIBR and I come up with Fallen’s only way forward. Oh and Jamppi sues Valve. Then I rant for a bit about the virus and try to work out what it’s telling me about the world and the people around me. @thetruthcsgo.

#85: IEM Beijing, Complexity, Smash And Cheating In The Pro Scene

Recap of IEM Beijing, Complexity bring in Poizon and Konfig, Smash lose roster, thoughts on possible cheating in the pro scene (including OneThree’s accusations) and a goodbye from an indefinite hiatus on the podcast.

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