#71: ECS Season 7, Dreamhack Summer, Minor Qualifiers, Rosters, Archetypes Of Man

ECS Season 7 Finals, Dreamhack Summer, Starladder Berlin Minor Qualifiers, Roster changes on NRG, Lazarus and Tyloo and the four archetypes of man.

Music by Beaufort @ beaufort.asia and Ian Findlayson. Twitter: @thetruthcsgo. Email: thetruth@thetruthcsgo.com


#69: Hello Znajder

An interview with Andreas “Znajder” Lindberg, from the beginning of his career till today, including discussion of his twitlonger (twitter.com/znajdsanity/status/…81741056?lang=en). We also touch on news – CS Summit 4 won by Vitality, Dreamhack Tours won by Mousesports and some other bits and pieces.

Znajder’s twitter and Instagram: @znajdsanity
Our twitter: @thetruthcsgo.
Music by beaufort@asia.
Outro track “Shoreline” by Broder Daniel copyright Virgin.

#67: Max Meets Woxic (IEM Sydney 2019)

Truth reporter-at-large Max Melit becomes best mates with Woxic of Mousesports at IEM Sydney 2019.

They chat staying focused, getting hype and YES – playing soccer. If I was a CSGO coach I’d have all my players playing soccer DAILY. When are people going to learn? Rank up fast by playing soccer, you fools. No /s.

Music by beaufort.asia. Email: thetruth@thetruthcsgo.com. Twitter: @thetruthcsgo Reporter: @max_melit