#71: ECS Season 7, Dreamhack Summer, Minor Qualifiers, Rosters, Archetypes Of Man

ECS Season 7 Finals, Dreamhack Summer, Starladder Berlin Minor Qualifiers, Roster changes on NRG, Lazarus and Tyloo and the four archetypes of man.

Music by Beaufort @ beaufort.asia and Ian Findlayson. Twitter: @thetruthcsgo. Email: thetruth@thetruthcsgo.com

#70: Dreamhack Dallas, Pronax Retires, Max Meets Lekr0

We Dreamhack Dallas, Max interviews Lekr0, player movements including the retirement of Pronax, Edward swaps with Boombl4, jdm out of Envy, Stanislaw out of Complexity and the disintegration of Icon. @thetruthcsgo. Max is @max_melit. Email: thetruth@thetruthcsgo.com. Music by beaufort.asia.

#69: Hello Znajder

An interview with Andreas “Znajder” Lindberg, from the beginning of his career till today, including discussion of his twitlonger (twitter.com/znajdsanity/status/…81741056?lang=en). We also touch on news – CS Summit 4 won by Vitality, Dreamhack Tours won by Mousesports and some other bits and pieces.

Znajder’s twitter and Instagram: @znajdsanity
Our twitter: @thetruthcsgo.
Music by beaufort@asia.
Outro track “Shoreline” by Broder Daniel copyright Virgin.

#67: Max Meets Woxic (IEM Sydney 2019)

Truth reporter-at-large Max Melit becomes best mates with Woxic of Mousesports at IEM Sydney 2019.

They chat staying focused, getting hype and YES – playing soccer. If I was a CSGO coach I’d have all my players playing soccer DAILY. When are people going to learn? Rank up fast by playing soccer, you fools. No /s.

Music by beaufort.asia. Email: thetruth@thetruthcsgo.com. Twitter: @thetruthcsgo Reporter: @max_melit