#90: I Don’t Know Anymore

The two latest in-game updates, Flashpoint Season 1, EPL Season 11, the new Road to Rio major qualification, a tonne of other headlines and then some talk about tribalism. Aristotle has the last word. @thetruthcsgo.com


#85: IEM Beijing, Complexity, Smash And Cheating In The Pro Scene

Recap of IEM Beijing, Complexity bring in Poizon and Konfig, Smash lose roster, thoughts on possible cheating in the pro scene (including OneThree’s accusations) and a goodbye from an indefinite hiatus on the podcast.

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“Olofmeister, I love you! Guardian helped me and I made 85 episodes of a podcast!”

#83 Starseries S8, Comedy And Tragedy

Going over the top 20 teams in CSGO – who’s at Starseries iLeague S8 and who isn’t. Some ramble about news of the last two weeks, including ESL NY and Dreamhack Malmo and then a rumination on whether your life is a comedy or tragedy (inspired by Joker) in light of some of the lingo from the business of screenwriting. Music by Beaufort, server paid for by Patreons at patreon.com/thetruthcsgo. Twitter: @thetruthcsgo