Which CS:GO Player Are You In Real Life?

I wrote an article for Fandom comparing the five roles in Counter-Strike with the five major personality traits. It could potentially help you become a better player in CS:GO, a happier person in real life or help a team make more informed roster changes:



#50: The Gambling Episode

An exploration of the gambling scene around CS:GO, including the history, scandals and controversies. Interviews with people who won and lost, including a 15 y.o. programmer of a site that brought in hundreds of thousands of dollars and a 60 y.o. man who spent three years in jail for embezzlement to feed his gambling habit. Podcast referenced is How Do You Sleep At Night?. Music by Beaufort. Contact: thetruth@thetruthcsgo.com.

#43: Hello Australia

Interviews with Australian CS:GO players from IEM Sydney – hatz, aliStair, DickStacyy, Flickz, Dexter, ap0c, USTILO, malta and honourary Aussie, Nifty. Also a little rundown on recent news: Byali to leave VP, MIBR and Kinguin at the Zotac Cup, n0thing releases his CS:GO course, Stronglegs banned by ESEA and who wants me to start a Discord? Music by Beaufort.