#58: EU And CIS Minors, IBP Masters Day 1, Spinoza, Thoughts

Discussion of EU and CIS Minors, IBP Masters Day 1 disaster, how Tarik’s twitlonger can be further examined through the philosophy of Spinoza and then I get deep into some other random stuff like the effects of social media on our id and ego, the pick up artist community, R.D. Laing and his research into schizophrenia and round it up with a cracker of a quote from Marcus Aurelius. Music by Beaufort @ Beaufort.asia. Affiliated with CSGO2ASIA.

#57: Lucky Dip – Felps, Boltz, Seized, Things I’ve Learned

Lucky dip episode. I talk about Felps to Mibr, Seized’s new team, an excerpt from an unplayed interview with Boltz, things I’ve learned, different cultures and the most important dyad in their families and the value of uncertainty. Oh and the upcoming Minors, but that’s fairly cursory. All in all, a complete shambles. Music by beaufort.asia, including new track ‘That Feeling’, featuring Meli Sul. Affiliated with CSGO2ASIA.com.

#53: Battle Royale, EPL S8 Finals

CS:GO goes free to play with the Danger Zone update and adds a battle royale mode. Astralis win EPL Season 8 finals and the Intel Grand Slam, netting them 1.25 million dollars. Also a recap of Dreamhack Winter 2018 and the Supernova Malta 2018. News by Josh, music by Beaufort @ beaufort.asia. Podcast affiliated with CSGO2ASIA.com. Contact: thetruth@thetruthcsgo.com.

#52: ECS S6 With Max Melit

Max Melit joins me to talk ECS Season 6 finals, Toyota Master Bangkok 2018 and all things journalism, dating and the differences between men and women. News site mentioned in the podcast: thecorrespondent.com/. News and player of the week audio by Josh, music by Beaufort @ http://www.beaufort.asia. Podcast is affiliated with csgo2asia.com. Find us on twitter @thetruthcsgo or email thetruth@thetruthcsgo.com.